Plate coils

Plate coil

FFC-plate coils

FFC-coils are rectangular plates. They have been designed of epoxy, polyester and polyurethane plastics as lightweight as possible in an sandwich construction.

FFC-coils are divided into three groups:

  • FFCxxx: To belt conveyors, for conveyor widths of 400mm-, width/height of the coil: 450mm/100mm
  • FFCVxxx: To belt and vibrating conveyors, for conveyor widths of 300mm-, width/height of the coil: 450mm/80mm
  • FFCNxxx: To belt conveyors, especially for panel industry, for conveyor widths of 300mm-, width/height of the coil: 300mm/120mm
We manufacture FFC coils with short delivery time.


TFC plate coil

TFC-plate coils

TFC-coils are relatively large rectangular plates designed to be used in belt conveyors in the forest industry. However, they are also well suited for other applications.

The massive size of the coil allows good sensitivity even at a longer distance from the coil surface. The coils are made in an aluminum frame using polyester and polyurethane foam. The polyurethane filler is hardened at high pressure which gives the TFC coils a very long lifespan.

Good detection sensitivity and ease of installation has made this coil very popular.

We manufacture TFC coils for conveyor widths 600mm-2600mm with short delivery time.


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