In June 2020 Quality Devices Finland's proprietary technology metal detectors were installed at Sappi Europe paper mill's pulp bale conveyor belt in Kirkniemi. Pulp bales, which weigh approximately a ton, are constructed by tying pulp sheets together with steel bands. The bands are cut and removed automatically at the conveyor belt before the belt feeds the bales into the pulper. Two metal detector coils are installed at the edges of the conveyor belt right after the automatic band removal to monitor that no possible fragments of the steel bands are left in the pulp bales that could damage the pulper blades. The delivery and installation by Quality Devices Finland also included the design and construction of the steel support structures holding the metal detector coils.

Shown here are a pulp bale conveyor belt and two metal detector coils.

"Quality Devices Finland designed and constructed the custom-made L-shaped detector coils specifically for this installation. Because the conveyor is partly metal, it was challenging to find the right solution to detect all possible leftover metal fragments in the bales. The "shark fin" technology we had developed was the best solution to tackle this problem." Says Mr. Matti Pönkkä, the CEO of Quality Devices Finland.

Sappi Europe's Kirkniemi mill is located in Lohja, in southern Finland. The factory produces high quality printing paper, 90% of which is exported to international customers.

Quality Devices Finland is a leading national business specializing in developing and manufacturing industrial metal detectors. Please contact us for more information.